Self-Directed Project

1 Semester
Grade Level (s):
  • Prerequisite(s):

Prerequisites: Completion of the SDP Application, with approval of identified faculty/staff mentor, and approval by the High School Principal 

Note: This is a pass/fail course

The Self Directed Project (SDP) is a passion pursuit course designed for students who are able to be self-motivated, driven, and goal-oriented. The majority of the work within this course is done independently within a predetermined guided process.  Students are assigned a mentor that helps facilitate the process. The course develops a student’s ability to conceptualize a project that communicates to an end-user or audience. It offers a focused investigation into a single topic with innovation, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, or performance at its core. Topics can focus on specific themes or systems or can allow for a hybrid approach, context-driven strategies, and even take on larger themes that impact society. This class will encourage and support students to collaborate beyond the walls of the classroom, with industry-driven leaders, and facilitate students in using research-based work to explore their area in more focus and depth. Students will use this as a medium through which they can demonstrate their research and learning on a chosen topic. Students are assessed on their ability to investigate, design, plan, and manage their project which must include the use of outside appropriate resources/mentors. Students are responsible for consulting and arranging check-ins with their faculty/staff mentor. Students will have to create a final product that demonstrates their learning over the course of the semester, using a variety of mediums as deemed appropriate.