Credit Requirements & Changes

The American School of Dubai (ASD) is an international U.S. curriculum school that inspires students to be global citizens and positive contributors. The curriculum offers a comprehensive, personalized, and rigorous program of studies that prepares students to pursue global opportunities. 

Our academic program builds self-directed and passionate learners through college-preparatory courses and college-level courses. Our advisory, elective, experiential learning, and extracurricular offerings build important skills and competencies that allow students to discover and develop their abilities and interests. ASD offers a block schedule in which students can earn credits during the year. Semester and year-long courses are offered with a standards-based cumulative grading system. 

25 Total Credits Required for Graduation

*Defined as the completion of one full credit per year of high school. 
**All students registered with an Arab passport must take Arabic Language Arts in accordance with UAE law. This may count towards their language progression credit. 
***Design and Innovation courses can be counted as Visual & Performing Arts credits OR Information Technology credits.
****Any core subject course beyond the minimum ASD requirement. 

Course Min. Credits
English* 4
Mathematics 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
World Languages** 2
Course Min. Credits
Physical Education and Health 2
Visual & Performing Arts*** 2
Information Technology*** 0.5
Core Electives**** 3
Non-Core Electives 2.5

Advisory, House System, and “WIN”

At ASD, we strive to develop the whole child—emotionally, socially, and academically. The high school student experience provides opportunities for personal growth inside the classroom and beyond. 

The Advisory, House Systems, and What I Need (WIN) period are programs designed to build and maintain a community feel while also supporting student wellness, socio-emotional, and self-directed learning. ASD’s Advisory Program aims to develop moral character, socio-emotional, collaborative, and executive skills. Students stay with the same advisory teacher and classmates over the four years of high school—building bonds and relationships that support the whole child. Similarly, the House System builds multiage teams from all grade levels. Through the House System, students work on nurturing empathy, communication, and global citizenship skills. 

Students have the opportunity to explore their passions, develop their identity, and recognize their strengths (talents). Healthy lifestyles, wellness, adaptability, and intercultural humanity are nurtured through these programs. 

Add/Drop Changes

Please select courses carefully. Course selections should be made in alignment with ASD graduation requirements, prerequisites, and students’ four-year plans. Your counselor is your partner on your High School journey; Please contact them regularly with your course selection and plans.

All requests for a course change must be for educationally sound reasons, approved by a counselor with consultation with teachers and the administrative team. The add/drop period ends after the tenth school day for the start of the school year. For the second semester, the add/drop period concludes on the fifth day of the semester. Once a student registers for a GOA online course, they cannot drop the course. 

Seniors must list their courses for the entire senior year when they apply to colleges. Should a change be made in a second-semester course, senior students must notify colleges of the change. Any changes made to a senior student's schedule should be done in conversation with their counselor.

All current and returning students are advised to select their courses carefully for the entire school year and plan to remain in them. This allows counselors to assist students who are new to ASD. Students who have a qualifying schedule issue should complete a course change request form and meet with their counselor. There are rare circumstances upon the start of the new school year that warrant course withdrawals. These may include: inappropriate level placement and/or missing graduation requirements. 

The Counseling Office will accept Course Change Request Forms for such extenuating circumstances within the designated time period at the start of the school year, and during the first week of Semester 2. Course withdrawal requests may be subject to administrative approval. Course withdrawals after the designated add/drop date or due to absenteeism may be subjected to a WF grade on the student transcript. Students are required to attend the original class until the change in program has been officially approved and updated in PowerSchool.