Our Mission

The American School of Dubai, an independent, not-for-profit, US curriculum, international community school, offers what is best about American education to provide learning experiences designed to promote the maximum potential of its students.

Our Mission

To challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world.

Core Values

Compassion  |  Excellence  |  Integrity  |  Respect  |  Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

The American School of Dubai community is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive school climate and learning environment while denouncing all forms of discrimination and inequality. ASD values diversity. We celebrate all community members. We acknowledge the impact of current and historical inequality and prejudice, and firmly believe that fair treatment and equity are the most basic of rights regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, color, culture, national origin, age, identity or expression, ability/disability, or socioeconomic status.

Student Profile

The American School of Dubai strives to achieve its mission by providing learning experiences to support every child to embody the skills and characteristics of the Student Profile.

ASD students are:

 Resilient Student Profile Icon

ASD students are courageous and persistent, willing to take risks and adapt to change.

Global Citizens Student Profile Icon
Global Citizens

ASD students are globally aware and ethical, embracing the natural world and human diversity. They are contributors to positive change through sustainable, informed action.

Self Aware Student Profile Icon

ASD students are self-directed, reflective learners who regulate their emotions effectively. They are mindful and strive for balance.

Communicators Student Profile Icon

ASD students are skilled at using diverse strategies to understand, question, exchange, connect, and express ideas in a variety of contexts.

Empathy Student Profile Icon

ASD students are kind, compassionate, and inclusive. They recognize, understand, and respond to diverse perspectives and the feelings of others.

Innovative Student Profile Icon

ASD students are inquisitive critical thinkers, able to collaborate and connect people and ideas to develop creative solutions.