1 Semester
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Prerequisites: An internship agreement must be developed with the host and approved before student placement. An application process: students are expected to research organizations and write a cover letter introducing themselves and how they will help meet the employers’ needs. The review committee (which includes a counselor and administrator) may require an interview as part of the selection process. 

Note: This is a pass/fail course 

Through this experiential learning, students will engage in the process of action, application, and reflection while discovering their passions and making connections between academic and real-world learning. Internship is an inquiry-based pedagogical approach that provides opportunities for students to co-construct their learning by participating in rich experiences connected to a community outside school; reflecting on those experiences to derive meaning, and applying their learning to influence their decisions and actions in various aspects of their lives.  

ASD Internship is an experiential learning experience where ASD matches students with participating organizations. Interns will have the opportunity to develop creative, critical thinking, and design thinking training gained in the high school experiences at ASD; and are expected to utilize the elements of the school’s Student Profile, Core Values, and social-emotional learning training in their placement assignments. They are responsible to also make scheduled, sustained visits to an approved work-site to learn about an occupation. Under the supervision of a work-site mentor(s), the student learns about a profession through observation, personal discussion, and hands-on applications. On-campus extension work with the coordinator and other students in the internship program will occur prior to the experience and throughout the entire semester.