Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls (WWW) is an annual service-learning program for middle school students. Based on a solid curricular foundation, WWW extends students’ academic skills to authentic, real-life experiences occurring outside a traditional classroom. 

The objective of WWW is to provide middle school students with authentic educational experiences designed to develop attributes of the ASD Learner Profile. Experiences are designed with four student outcomes in mind: cultural awareness, personal growth, life skills, and service-learning.

Pathways Projects

Students begin a year-long study leading up to Week Without Walls through the Pathways Project, exploring global issues they might address on your trips through the lens of one of the 17 United Nations Global Development Goals. 

What makes ASD a special place? We have a high standard of academic excellence. We excel on the field, on the stage, in the studio, and in the lab. We have incredibly innovative teachers and students. Our facilities are state of the art. But that’s not what really makes an ASD education special. What makes ASD students unique is their desire to use their skills and abilities to make the world a better place. ASD students are global citizens. They are not content to sit by and watch; they are changemakers.

When they leave on their trips, students gain a deeper understanding of an issue they choose to address by observing this issue in the real world, interviewing local people who are impacted by the issue, and connecting with changemakers on the ground. When they return, they are just getting started. In June, they showcase their work to the entire ASD community.