Academic Program Overview

Our program is rooted in the ASD Mission, Values and Attributes as we design learning experiences that allow students to explore academic knowledge while developing the skills and attributes that contribute to their holistic development.  

ASD Rosette

Courses of Study

English Language Arts
Arabic Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical and Health Education
Performing Arts
– Music
– Dance
– Drama
– Film
World Languages
– Arabic
– Spanish
– French
Creative Arts
– Design & Innovation
– Visual Arts
Islamic Education
Learning Support
– Guided Study
Special Education

Additional Programming


Daily 8:20 - 8:30 a.m. 
Mondays 2:35 - 3:20 p.m. 

In the MS Advisory Program, a small group of 10-13 students meet daily each morning with an Advisory teacher from their grade level. On Mondays, grade-level Advisory groups meet for a 45-minute period in which teachers and students work together on a program designed around developing elements of the ASD Mission-Values-Attributes. The purpose is threefold: Build a positive and inclusive community, promote self-awareness and personal growth, and have fun together. Advisors use the research-based Second Step program to deliver social-emotional lessons and build community. Additionally, the Middle School Technology Integrator and Counselors develop and provide data-driven lessons to support the needs of students.


In response to our mission statement, we have sought ways within our schedule to provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions and to find support for their challenges. The Pursuits period offers both support for and extension of learning. This 45-minute period runs once a week on Tuesdays. Teachers offer short exploratory courses designed to provide ample choice for pursuing personal interests guided by a teacher. Each course meets once a week and lasts for approximately 6 weeks. Toward the end of each 6 week period, with the support of their Advisory teacher, students subscribe for the next 6 week sessions.

Community Flex

One day a week is dedicated to bringing our community together in different ways. These gatherings include whole school assemblies, grade level assemblies, grade level events and house events. This time can also be utilized for special sessions such as Week Without Walls trip meetings. When an event is not scheduled, students will use this time for Access (see below).


Once (or twice) a week, students and teachers have the opportunity to book time for task completion and/or additional support. Students meet in their small Advisory groups by default and can sign up for appointments using Google Calendar. Teachers may request student attendance for an Access period as well. Students who are not meeting with a specific teacher remain in the Advisory classroom and are afforded time to dedicate to their individual needs (i.e. organization, task- completion, communication, planning, reading).