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The American School of Dubai encourages sustainable habits and innovative change by spreading awareness and taking informed action to improve the present and future of our community.

Over the past few years sustainability has become an integral part of both learning and operations at the American School of Dubai where awareness around sustainability is becoming an increased priority. Sustainability, as defined by the United Nations, includes a recognition that the world has varied and interconnected dimensions and that a positive future is dependent on decisions that we make each and every day. It many ways, sustainability is about generating a critical consciousness regarding our behaviors as consumers, our choices as members of a community and our voice in supporting a positive future for our children. As such, we understand the necessity to support the development of students who contribute to a rapidly changing world.

The ASD Sustainability Statement was formulated by our Sustainability Action Team with the support of the HS Student Government Association, the MS Student Council and the ASD Cabinet, serves as as guide in moving forward in the years to come. The statement supports the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals), adopted by the United Nations in 2016, and focuses our efforts to educate our community, reduce our impact and engage our students in authentic learning experiences on campus and beyond.

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Moving Toward Sustainability in All We Do

Committees/organizations supporting sustainability across ASD:

  • Administration: Sustainability Committee
  • High School: Global Issues Network, Sustainability Action Team; Sustain Our World; High Tide
  • Middle School: Global Issues Network
  • Elementary School: Roots & Shoots

Sustainability By The Numbers

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Energy (Kwh) Saved from Solar Panels
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Campus Gardens
Bees Hives on Campus

Sustainability Initiatives

ASD has a number of best practices related to events, energy, water use, and general campus initiatives:

  • Utilizes a greywater system for the watering of the fields and outdoor spaces
  • Reduces water use through the use of waterless urinals in men's bathrooms
  • Focused on using data to inform decisions for electricity, water, and paper use
  • A number of sustainability-related Week Without Walls and Inspire trips
  • Filtered water dispensers and expects every member of our community to bring their own reusable water bottle
  • Utilizes reusable plates/cutlery/service items for all meetings/events (with up to 250 participants)
  • Eliminated all single-use cutlery and/or plates from our cafeterias including bottled water

Awards & Affiliations

Best School in the UAE
GESS Education Awards
Emirates Environmental Group Award
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Eco Schools Green Flag Award
International School Awards 2020
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Global Online Academy
The Green Schools Alliance
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