ASD Students Featured in GN Friday Magazine for Sustainable Fashion Brand

Iris Founders

High School students, Sani Ali '21 and Ismael Dajani '21, last year completed a semester-long project in Ms. Shanna Hurt's Business Studies class. Said Ms. Hurt, "The project was to come up with a business, and then to create a business plan and marketing campaign for it. These boys took it to the next level." For Ms. Hurt's part, she says she tried to help them look at the big picture with sustainability in the textile industry.

That they did. Their fashion brand, Iris, uses surplus fabric to create new products and biodegradable packaging—and is getting some well-deserved attention for it.

From the article in Friday: Starting out with a belief that “we could do better,” and that the fashion industry was long overdue for a change in practices, Sani united with Ismail, who has a keen eye for design, to get Iris into Dubai’s wardrobes – and minds...


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