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As one of only a few independent, not for profit schools in the region, ASD offers what is best about American education to provide learning experiences to promote the maximum potential of its students.

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The ASD Strategic Plan

The American School of Dubai announced the three-year Strategic Plan with an exciting focus on Pathway learning themes. ASD will embark on a vision to ensure each student is future-ready through a highly relevant educational program, based on flexible approaches, an emphasis on student voice and choice, and by providing students additional opportunities to go deeper in learning through additional content, courses and other experiences in topics relevant to the 21st century learner. 

Impacting all students K-12, Pathways will support deeper learning in the areas of Technology & Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship, Global/Internationalism, Language Bilingualism (Arabic) and Performance (Arts & Athletics).

Read Dr. Paul Richards, Superintendent, letter on ASD's Strategic Plan

K-12 Graphic Organizer on Pathways

How will ASD embed and integrate Pathways learning to all students?

ASD will embed in each pathway systems, structures and strategies to address:

  • Evidence-based reporting of skills and disposition (metrics)
  • Meeting the diverse learning needs of all students (inclusion, gifted and talented, acceleration, enrichment, interest-based learning)
  • Contribution and informed action (service learning)

Pathways & Threads through ASD

Evidence of
of Learning
Contribution &
Informed Action
Technology &
based reporting of
skills and

Individual and
Meeting the
diverse learning
needs of all
(inclusion, gifted
and talented,
Local &
Service Learning
Global / Internationalism
Business &
Arts & Athletics

Sample Student Profile Associated with Pathways

What will an ASD Pathway student be like?

Student A: the Innovator
This student is interested in topics of science, technology, engineering and math, and may eventually go into these fields. She tailors her high school course selection, which includes multiple apprenticing opportunities, to an emphasis on these topics. Creativity,innovation and design skills are developed and put into practice.

Student B: the Global Citizen
This student is highly interested in global issues, and may want to work for NGOs or organizations that function in the international context. He is active at ASD in local initiatives, but has also participated in international experiences. He is developing the necessary skills, dispositions and connections to thrive in the global and multilingual context.

Student C: the Entrepreneur
This student engages in learning opportunities on and off campus through partnering with local resources. She creates a course plan that supports deep learning in business while also taking full advantage of the entrepreneurial culture of Dubai.

Student D: the Linguist
This student loves languages, and wants to be bilingual in both English and Arabic. She enters the pathway in elementary school, and by the time she reaches middle school, she is bilingual. As she continues to deepen her understanding of the Arabic language and culture, she takes on another language as she gets older, even though the learning approach may look different than it did for Arabic.

Student E: the Performer
This student loves to perform, whether it is on the stage, at the concert hall, at Forensics, or on the sports field. He is able to load up on these opportunities, both in and outside the normal school curriculum, thus developing these skills. His schedule supports this commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will pathways look the same at each division?
No. At some divisions, there will simply be additional opportunities or content both within and outside of the school day. In other divisions, there may be new or revised courses, experiences or requirements.

Q. Can a student do multiple pathways?
Yes. Students can do as many within their capacity and of interest.

Q. Can a student drop out of a pathway?
Yes, but a student may have to wait until the end of the school year, depending on scheduling constraints.

Q. What happens at the end of a pathway?
ASD will find a way to recognize your accomplishment, either on your ASD transcript or elsewhere (e.g. a “credential”).

Q. Do I have to do a pathway?
No. Pathways are optional. You will simply follow the regular progression of courses in the K-12 ASD liberal arts program of studies.

Q. Is this tracking?
No. Where there are unique courses for a pathway, think of being part of a cohort, where you are grouped not on ability, but on shared interests.

Q. Will students be prepared for university?
Absolutely! Whether students decide to complete a pathway or not, an ASD diploma certifies you as university-ready.

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