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As one of only a few independent, not for profit schools in the region, ASD offers what is best about American education to provide learning experiences to promote the maximum potential of its students.

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What is it like to be in the middle? Some might think that the middle is just the middle—with the beginning far behind and the end nowhere in sight. What people sometimes forget is that the middle always marks a turning point, a time of reflection and a recommitment to the journey ahead. Middle school students get to look at how far they have come, and use that knowledge to launch themselves into the future. They get to pursue their passions and understand that what they put in is a good indicator of what they will get out. Middle school students get to apply their skills and learn that little adjustments sometimes yield big improvements. The students get to choose. 

Welcome to the Middle School at the American School of Dubai! You have found a place in which we take seriously the work of shaping dreams into goals. We invite you to join our expert middle level educators in our tireless quest to teach, coach, mentor, counsel and challenge young people to give their best, hone their skills, refine their goals, and commit to making a difference in the world.

We promote academic rigor, high expectations, personal responsibility, and civic mindedness but we have enough experience to know that insecurity, peer pressure, independence seeking and shaky judgment can be every bit as influential in the adolescent years. Middle school students will encounter all these elements in their environment and so our ASD core values provide a much-needed compass:

Compassion | Excellence | Integrity | Respect | Responsibility

Our middle school is organized to support these values daily in our instructional program. Starting out with the organization and bonding of a daily advisory group, our students charge off (with a well-charged laptop) into a rich program of core courses, language, music, visual and performing arts electives and fascinating exploratory courses. In addition to a strong academic program, the Middle School offers a wide variety of after-school activities and clubs. The capstone of the ASD Middle School experience is our Week Without Walls program, a week-long educational travel experience that is distinguished for promoting global awareness and opportunities to learn through service.

It is true that the middle can be the most exciting of places. Speak to a student from the Middle School at the American School of Dubai, and it is our goal that you will be speaking to young person who is working hard on his or her dreams.

I have spread my dreams under your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
-W.B. Yeats

Jake Dibbert
Middle School Principal 

American School of Dubai
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Tel: +971 4 395 0005
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Courier Address: American School of Dubai, Intersection of First Al Khail & Hessa Street, Opposite the Saudi German Hospital, Al Barsha Dubai, UAE

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