Campus Access

Security and Campus Access
Safe Campus Access

The reduction of population density is key to promoting health and safety on our campus. As a result, to start the year, we will strictly limit campus access to students and faculty/staff. At drop-off and pick-up times, one exception will be allowed: one caretaker to accompany our youngest students enrolled in Grade 2 or below (to the thermal camera only, after which they must leave campus immediately). Parents and visitors may access campus only by appointment to take care of essential business that cannot be accomplished through an online meeting, and once someone leaves campus, they will not be allowed back on campus until the next school day. In addition, all adults accessing campus must conduct a health symptoms screening check, and will also have their temperatures checked after arrival at the gate. Masks must be worn and hands washed/sanitized after arrival to ASD. Clear signage will be placed at the gates to further reinforce these policies and procedures. 


Bus Transportation

Typically, over 300 ASD students utilize the STS Bus services across 18 vehicles. In an effort to accommodate the needs of our families while working within the health and safety guidelines of the pandemic, STS is prepared to respond:

Bus capacity has been set at max 50% occupancy. 
Buses will be cleaned and sanitized frequently. 
Each student, bus driver, and chaperone riding the bus will be asked to complete a health check before boarding the bus. 
Each person riding the bus will wear a mask and will respect the social distancing requirements.