ASD prides itself on its family atmosphere and strong sense of community. Faculty members, staff, parents, and alumni often coach and lead activities, further strengthening the home-parent-school bond.



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Alumni K Ray
Kaustubh attributes at least some of his success to ASD's well-rounded program of studies and extracurriculars. “A significant transformation began in my 10th grade. I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, becoming more involved in various activities and placing a stronger focus on my academic pursuits..."
Sustainability Summit
This is the first time ASD has established a program like this and it was new for all of us. We wanted to volunteer as we found it really intriguing, and we were also interested in the elements and protocols of this program. As we became more familiar with the details of the event, we were more at ease and prepared; after every meeting we attended, our fear slowly started to fade away...

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