ASD prides itself on its family atmosphere and strong sense of community. Faculty members, staff, parents, and alumni often coach and lead activities, further strengthening the home-parent-school bond.



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ASD Alumni Val Misra
ASD alum Val Misra’s dream job as a kid growing up in Dubai isn’t far from his career today: “I always wanted to do something where I could impact people through education of some kind,” he says. “Not teaching, but still helping people by imparting wisdom and knowledge. I didn’t know exactly what, at first...
Dr. Omaima
From the start, Dr. Omaima Ataya knew she would work in medicine — and specifically, in pediatrics. “I never really thought about any other field,” she says. “I enjoyed a lot of my internships that were totally unrelated, like trauma surgery and dermatology, but I knew that working with kids was my calling.”

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