Why Get Involved in the PTSA?

Parent Volunteers
Anuj Jain
Anuj Jain, PTSA Secretary and father of two

There are so many reasons to list why be part of the PTSA. Until recently, I was the only Father on the board, so it was very eye-opening and truly enjoyable being part of the organization with all mothers. If you look at every member of the PTSA from volunteers to board members, everyone has a sense of community and how we can make it better for our children. I think when parents get engaged in the PTSA they immediately see how what they are doing only improves the school community and even the Dubai community around us. Ultimately, it is a volunteer activity and there isn't one parent that doesn't get as much out of being part of the PTSA as they give back to the community. 

I love being part of an organization that will have some influence on improving the school community, and lead to an even better experience for my children at ASD.

Throughout my adult life, I have been involved in community organizations where I can, back in the US. I was a board member of our homeowner’s association or in college president of my college. My belief is if you don't get involved, you have no right to sit back and simply complain. You have to get engaged and be part of the change.

What I ultimately love about being part of the PTSA are my fellow board members. We have become a family and it is so humbling to work with other passionate parents that only want to make the ASD community more enriched. Everyone that is part of the PTSA is energetic, passionate and loads of fun to work with, so why wouldn't you want to be part of an organization like that?


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