High School Student Reyaan Punj '25 Launches NGO to Drive Positive Change Through Sport

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ASD High School student Reyaan Punj '25 has long recognized the potential of tennis—a sport he is passionate about—as a vehicle for positive social change. In 2022 he launched his own NGO, First Serve, to champion the transformative power of sports, particularly tennis, in empowering young individuals and wheelchair athletes. The NGO aims to promote discipline, teamwork, and resilience through its initiatives.

One such initiative is a collaborative partnership to mentor young tennis stars and promote the game of tennis in India.

This Spring, First Serve NGO partnered with The Claridges Hotel in New Delhi and Maxtennis Academy to host the Youth Tennis Tournament at Jesus & Mary College in New Delhi. The tournament, held on April 6 and 7, catered to children aged 4-15 and provided them with a platform to showcase their talents. The tournament garnered attention from several media outlets such as The Hindustan Times and Traveller's World.

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Ongoing initiatives with the partnership will continue to provide youth with access to high-quality tennis training and opportunities for personal growth through The Claridges Corporate Social Responsibility program. A press release from The Claridges states that "By harnessing the universal appeal of tennis, The Claridges, First Serve NGO, and Maxtennis Academy aimed to inspire a new generation of leaders who would drive positive change in their communities."

This year, Reyaan has partnered with several other tennis academies and charitable organizations such as CRY (Child Rights and You), Spadoni Tennis Academy, Pro Tennis Academy, and Taj Dubai as a sponsor to fund prizes that helped attract more players. 

During Spring Break this year, I organized three tennis tournaments with Maxtennis Academy and The Claridges Hotel in New Delhi.  The proceeds from these tournaments were donated to CRY. I also organized a national wheelchair tennis tournament with DLTA (Delhi Lawn Tennis Association) and AITA (All India Tennis Association) where people of determination came together from all over India to participate.

Reyaan's proudest accomplishment to date through First Serve is the organization of the second edition of AITA Wheelchair Tennis Championship at the DLTA Stadium in Delhi. Under his leadership , First Serve provided an opportunity to advocate for accessible sports for people with disabilities. The tournament attracted top-ranked wheelchair tennis players from across India and advanced the organization's mission to break down barriers and create opportunities for athletes.

Said Reyaan, "Through tennis, we aim to inspire a new generation of leaders who will drive positive change in their communities."

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Reyaan has been playing tennis since age 5 and for ASD athletics on tennis teams since Grade 9.

"When I moved to ASD in fifth grade I wanted to play tennis for my school so I pushed myself and worked on my game and in ninth grade I had my first tryout. I made the varsity tennis team in my freshman year and have been on the team ever since. In my sophomore year, we won MESAC gold as a team, and in my junior year, we attained silver. Playing tennis for ASD has always been a huge part of my life and I love the idea of not only playing for myself but representing something bigger than myself—my school community."

A student at ASD since Grade 5, he has found encouragement and support from his teachers and fellow classmates.

"When my peers learned about First Serve they were there for me with anything I needed and wanted to help me grow my NGO as large as possible…My teachers have also supported my interest in tennis and philanthropy inside and outside the class."

Reyaan is part of the Class of 2025. You can follow Reyaan's NGO initatives on Instagram.


Reyaan Playing for ASD