Global Citizens

Service Learning1

Global Citizenship at ASD creates authentic experiences that cultivate global understanding, fosters critical consciousness, and empowers people to positively impact their communities and the world.

The Changemakers

Global Citizenship + Service Learning + Sustainability

Sustainability Education, Global Citizenship, and Service Learning are integral to our school’s mission, core values, and student profile attributes. At ASD students develop their changemaker capacity through investigation and understanding of problems and needs, utilizing solutions-oriented collaboration, creating and implementing their plan, taking action, reflecting on the outcomes and demonstrating their experience. Over time, students develop their “critical consciousness” in relation to the world around them and become self-motivated contributors in a rapidly changing world.

For students to be "prepared to contribute in a rapidly changing world" it's important that they develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be global citizens for a sustainable world and have the opportunity to try, fail, learn and succeed in doing so at an early age. It’s important to recognize that a sustainable world is an important vision and offers students the opportunity to engage in creating the world they wish to see, here and now.