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As one of only a few independent, not for profit schools in the region, ASD offers what is best about American education to provide learning experiences to promote the maximum potential of its students.

Faculty And

Admissions Policy

The American School of Dubai admits students of any nationality. The school follows a rigorous standards-based US curricular program designed to prepare students for post-secondary education. ASD has a learning support program which enables the enrollment of a managed number of students needing additional learning support at each grade level. 

Age Requirements and Grade Placement

For Lower Elementary (K1 - Grade 2), grade-level placement is determined by the child’s age by September 1 of that year. Please note that no exceptions can be made.
By September 1:
  • K1 must be 4 years of age
  • K2 must be 5 years of age
  • Grade 1 must be 6 years of age
  • Grade 2 must be 7 years of age
For Grades 3 - 12, grade-level placement depends on the child’s current curriculum and grade level, and academic ability within their grade level.

Language Proficiency Entry Requirements

Kindergarten 1 (K1)

During the intake period, non-native English speaking students will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of fluency in English to be eligible for admission. During the intake process, should language proficiency appear to be an issue, the applicant will be further assessed to determine whether or not their level of fluency in English is acceptable for admission.

Kindergarten 2 (K2) to Grade 12

All non-native English speaking students admitted to ASD from K2 - Grade 12 are expected to demonstrate a grade-level mastery of the English language. In other words, they should be able to function in an English language environment with the same competency as their native English-speaking peers. During the intake process, should language proficiency become an issue, the applicant will be assessed to determine whether or not their level of fluency in English is acceptable for admission. Non-native English speakers, whose fluency in English (speaking, reading and writing) is found to be below grade level, will not be eligible for admission.

ASD does not offer an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) program.

Admission Priorities

Admission to ASD is competitive, and date of application is not the only factor taken into account when seats are offered. Academic history and performance, student potential, teacher recommendations and family background are all important considerations.
Our priority system below is aligned with our identity as an American community school. Special consideration will be given to students with a demonstrated need for an American education.

First category

Students from families of companies holding a corporate seat(s)

Second category

Students holding a North American (American/Canadian) passport and have a sibling presently attending ASD

Third Category

Students holding a North American (American/Canadian) passport

Fourth Category

Students from families of any nationality who have a sibling presently attending ASD

Fifth Category

Students who do not fall under category 1, 2, 3 or 4

Waiting List

If an applicant meets ASD admissions requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level that is full, that applicant will be placed on the waiting list for his/her grade level for that particular school year. Because of the school’s priority system, a student’s position on the waiting list may change if there are subsequent applications from families with higher priority. See admission priorities.

American School of Dubai
PO Box 71188 Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel: (+971 4) 395-0005
Fax: (+971 4) 395-0008
Makani: 16827 77215

Courier Address: American School of Dubai, Intersection of First Al Khail & Hessa Street, Opposite the Saudi German Hospital, Al Barsha Dubai, UAE

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