Salary & Benefits

Faculty at the American School of Dubai have a passion for the mission of the school, embrace the mission and core values and dedicate themselves to preparing more than 1,900 students to future-ready.

Below are salary and benefit highlights for our faculty. In terms of the calendar, the school year typically runs from August to June in two semesters, with a winter holiday that starts in December and a spring break which is usually in April.


Salary (US Dollars)
  • Range $39,200 - $68,934
  • Minimum starting salary: $39,200
  • Maximum starting salary: $52,538

A new teaching faculty member is given credit for prior experience up to a maximum initial placement of step nine. The base salary is paid in US dollars, in twelve equal monthly payments.


ASD overseas faculty contracts are issued by the American School of Dubai and represents an initial two-year commitment.


There are currently no taxes assessed in the United Arab Emirates. US employees are subject to all US tax regulations as they apply to citizens living overseas.

Dependent Tuition at ASD

Faculty members are permitted to enroll up to a maximum of two dependent children in the school, tuition-free, Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Overseas Differential

Overseas hire teaching faculty members are eligible to receive an Overseas Differential amount on an annual basis. The Overseas Differential represents an amount that acknowledges the commitment one is making to relocate to an overseas post of responsibility.


Expenses for the required employment physical, entrance visas and fees for attesting documents required by ASD (i.e. the most recent degree certificate, teaching certificate, and marriage certificate, if applicable) are reimbursed.


Appropriate housing, depending on family size, is provided according to the ASD Housing Policy to include rent and utilities.

In addition, a Settling in Allowance of between $8,170 and $10,893 is provided depending on family size. The amount is paid in Dirhams (AED) at the time of settling in to support expenses associated with moving to Dubai.

Shipping Allowances

Upon employment, each faculty member is entitled to 800 pounds of net weight of airfreight from home of record to Dubai. Each accompanying dependent is entitled to 200 pounds of airfreight.

The final shipping allowance is equal to the initial shipping allowance plus an additional 10 percent per year (80 pounds per adult and 20 pounds per dependent) up to a maximum allowance of 1,600 pounds per employee and 400 pounds per dependent.

Worldwide Medical and Dental Insurance

The school incurs the full cost of a local UAE medical insurance plan. In addition, the school provides a world-wide medical plan, in which 80% of the premium is covered by ASD and the remaining 20% covered by the employee. The plan provides for medical evacuation if necessary.

In addition, ASD provides a term life insurance policy with a value of two times the base salary. ASD also provides long term disability coverage.

Transportation and Annual Leave allowances

Transportation expenses for annual home leave to the home of record is provided beginning in the first year of service. In addition, ASD offers a Travel Assistance Program for dependent children (maximum 23 years of age) enrolled as full-time students in a post-secondary education program. The benefit is one economy return ticket, to a maximum of four tickets per child.


ASD contributes 10% of the base salary into a retirement program.

ASD is deeply committed to developing the professional practice of its faculty. Each year an allocated amount per person is available for coursework taken at a university, college or continuing education and to support other approved professional development.