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As one of only a few independent, not for profit schools in the region, ASD offers what is best about American education to provide learning experiences to promote the maximum potential of its students.

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Annual Giving Program

ASD has a treasured history, valued reputation, and is one of only a few not-for-profit schools in Dubai. As a not-for-profit school, ASD accepts donations as additional resources to extend, enrich, and enhance student learning opportunities.

The best independent schools in the world are mission-centered, have strong leadership, offer extraordinary programs, provide well-maintained and equipped facilities, enjoy an engaged constituency, and ensure a well-developed financial base with opportunities to give.

In order to fulfill the mission of the American School of Dubai, ASD offers opportunities to make a difference through giving. Parents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, board of trustees, organizations, and friends are all invited to participate. Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact.

Making a gift to ASD is one way to raise your hand and say, “ASD is important to our family.” Giving is important because it reflects our spirit of shared experiences and mutual encouragement and provides for excellence beyond what tuition can provide.

Over time, we are also seeking to raise endowed funds to further secure the long-term financial stability of the school.


Annual Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Why an Annual Giving program?

As a not-for-profit school, tuition alone funds school operations and programs which create our exemplary educational opportunities for students. Developing additional resources, through giving, supports not only continued excellence but the ability to do even more. ASD invites all parents, alumni, and friends to give as a show of support and a way to directly impact mission achievement.

Why is participation imporant?

The annual giving program is one that our community can unite behind with the common goal of supporting our school and students. The greater the participation in giving, the more we can achieve for our school and students. The multiplier effect makes the participation of as many families as possible, important. Every gift is valued.

How much should I give?

The emphasis of the annual giving program is participation. The size of your gift is a personal choice and every gift counts. A donation as little as 100 AED will help. Most importantly, when our community gives, it sends a clear message and often inspires others to give. There are a variety of recognition levels to consider and we recommend giving at a level that is meaningful to you and your family.

Do I have a choice in how my funds are used?

Yes, gifts may be designated to several areas, depending on your interest or passion. Your gift can be designated to the Strategic Plan, Sustainability, the Arts, Athletics, or ASD’s area of greatest need, which provides flexible support for the strategic priorities and needs of the school.

I support other charitable causes for the needy. Why should I give to ASD, a school considered to have many resources?

Giving is a very personal decision. Giving to ASD impacts your own community of children, who, as leaders of tomorrow, deserve the very best education possible. When we raise funds beyond tuition, we can provide in ways not otherwise possible. Giving to ASD, a not-for-profit, tuition-funded school, is a way to impact the education of your child and every student at ASD.

My company does not pay our tuition, we do. Why should I consider giving to ASD?

Making a gift to ASD is the simplest way to raise your hand and say, “ASD is important to our family.” Participation in annual giving is important because it reflects our spirit of shared experiences and mutual encouragement. Every gift is important because building additional resources helps to ensure programs of excellence. Participation can also have an impact on gifts from outside resources, as granting organizations often take into consideration participation rates when making significant gifts to a school.

Why are there Recognition Levels?

ASD provides giving levels as a way to recognize donors for their giving in a fiscal year. Leadership donors receive benefits, including special invitations to events and updates on special initiatives. Recognition levels also serve as an encouragement for others to give. However, you are also able to give anonymously.

Once I give, what happens next?

Once your gift or pledge is made, you will be thanked and acknowledged as a donor to ASD. Your gift will be held in a separate, dedicated fund. ASD leadership ensures all funds are put to the best possible use to impact students.

How do I participate?

It’s easy to make a gift. Complete a gift form, seal it in an envelope, and drop it off at the Business or Advancement Office. You may give by cash, check, bank transfer, or credit card (no fees). At the end of the ASD fiscal year, we publish an Impact of Giving report which acknowledges and celebrates donors, as well as shares information on the use of funds.

I am a U.S. citizen and file taxes. Are gifts tax-deductible?

Gifts to ASD may be made in dirhams or dollars. A gift to ASD in dirhams does not receive a tax receipt for US tax purposes. However, a gift in USD to the Friends of the American School of Dubai foundation (FASD), our registered 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States, will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes. Contact the Advancement Office for more information.


Giving Levels

Visionary Level
AED 90,000 and above

Founder's Society
AED 20,000 - 89,999

Red & White Society
AED 10,000 - 19,999

Jumeirah Level
AED 5,000 - 9,999

Falcon Circle 
AED 1,500 - 4,999

Friends of ASD
AED 100 - 1,499


Friends of ASD (FASD)

ASD accepts gifts in U.S. Dollars through the Friends of the American School of Dubai, a registered U.S. nonprofit and charitable organization (EIN#47-2740274). Donors to F.A.S.D. receive a donation/charitable receipt for their U.S. tax purposes.

Visionary Level
USD 25,000 and above

Founder's Society
USD 5,500 - 24,999

Red & White Society
USD 2,725 - 5,499

Jumeirah Level
USD 1363 - 2,724

Falcon Circle 
USD 409 - 1,362

Friends of ASD
USD 25 - 408

Donor Honor Roll

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