INSPIRE Global Trips


INSPIRE is a unique opportunity meant to help students demonstrate a passion for learning and contribute in a rapidly changing world by addressing a challenge, an opportunity or a situation. To meet the interests of our high school students, a diverse range of opportunities in both focus and geographic location has been compiled. No matter the INSPIRE trip, students will have the opportunity to contribute and improve our world while also further exploring their passions.

Students’ growth through the INSPIRE experience will be demonstrated through reflection and journaling. The self-assessment performed by students is affirmed and validated by the INSPIRE Trip Leaders through their own reflective narrative crafted at the end of the experience.

The trips for 2019 included the Balkans, Nepal, Jordan, several countries in Africa and Europe, and local UAE experiences.

Students On Trips

Over the past four years I’ve been on four trips with ASD. As a whole, these trips have allowed me to broaden my perspective, meet new students, and learn along the way.”
Global Trips1

Grade 12

Students On Trips

"This was a life-changing experience. We changed a woman’s life in a manner of four days; we managed to provide a year’s worth of food as well as a house for her and her ten year old son.”
Global Trips4

Grade 11

Students On Trips

"The people on the trip, the cool locations we went to, and the overall unique experience—I will cherish and remember for a long time.”
Global Trips2

Grade 9